• Cashback received will be credited to your wallet, After successful Delivery within 2days (working days).
  • If you return the product and you already got cashback, then cashback will debited from your wallet of that product.
  • Cashback will be counted as per ordered time, Whether it up or down after your order confirmed.
  • Ex. If you order a product, on which 10rs cashback & After you order confirm if it will 15rs/5rs (increased or decreaded) on our website, then you will receives 10rs cashback.
  • The cashback offers is being extended by VasantSupermarket for using your wallet. Wallet balance can be in your all transactions done on VasantSupermarket.com
  • Cashback can’t be withdrawable into cash, bank, any other wallets. It can be use only on VasantSupermarket.com.
  • VasantSupermarket have rights to debit cashback from any users if found users account is suspesious, froud, looting, and users have many accounts.
  • An Eligible Customer will be eligible to receive Cashback benefits , only on successful payment for the shopping transaction.
  • A Customer will not be eligible for Cashback if the order under purchase transaction is returned by the Eligible customer or cancelled by the Eligible Customer,  for any reason whatsoever, such order will not qualify for Cashback of the Eligible Customer will be deemed withdrawn.
  • Any person availing our Cashback offers shall be deemed to have accepted these Offer Terms.
  • *If your order is first then please refer FIRST TIME ORDER  terms and conditions. Click here.

If you have any quiries you can Contact Us or Visit our Store.

without any prior notice we can change  terms and condition and return policy.

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