=>     If product MRP is changed

=>     If MRP has been changed, Then our sales team will be informed you first then after your confirmation we will send product.

For Example:-  If you order X item which MRP i.e 100₹, now if in our stock MRP  of X item is changed i.e 110₹ . then you have to pay MRP 110 accordingly.

=>     If you already paid X item 100₹ and the final delivery product of X item is 110₹ , Then you have to pay 10 (110₹-100₹=10₹)

=>     If MRP is 100₹ (you ordered) and final delivery of produts of X item is 90₹ then your wallet is credited by 10 (100₹-90₹=10₹)(IF YOU ALREADY PAID)

=>     Finally delivery product of X item’s MRP is up or down from the vasantsupermarket.com, But the scheme, Discount, Cashback(if applied) will be same whether MRP is up or down.

*VasantSupermarket.com is not responsible if the quality of product are found bad after delivery, hence customer are requested to check quality of products at the time of delivery.


without any prior notice we can change  terms and condition and return policy.

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